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When you stroll into a home that has been designed to the nines, you can tell. People who take deliberate care of their property will always find a way to make their space look cohesive, luxurious, and comfortable. If you are looking to enhance the quality of your own home decorating, you need to find your way to the only boutique worth paying attention to, House to Home.


House to Home is one of the top online boutiques when it comes to affordable home decor products and interior design consultations. Established in 2017, House to Home has been thriving in the cute downtown district of John Day, Oregon. Ever since opening their doors, House to Home has made it a priority to pay attention to their customers in ways that their competitors simply cannot. Let's take a closer look at what makes House to Home one of the best online boutiques in the industry.


When I first began searching for a boutique near me, I knew that I wanted something a little outside of the norm. I didn't want to buy the same decorative products that all of my friends and families had found at every other boutique near me. With the goal of creating something unique inside of my home, I found my way to the catalog at House to Home. Once I opened up the catalog, I quickly came to realize what separated House to Home from many of their competitors. First and foremost, I found myself looking at a dynamic range of products in different styles, genres, and seasonal niches. With Fall around the corner, I wasn't surprised to see that House to Home already had an entire section of home decor products that were unique, affordable, and finely crafted. From their Fall Sample Box to their selection of aprons, dish towels, and potholders, there was something that I could use on every single page. During my shopping, I also found that House to Home was the rare boutique that offered free shipping on orders over $50 as well as same-day shipping so long as you met their 1 PM deadline. In the blink of an eye, great home decor products sourced from a professional company could be on the way to my door.


Rounding out the reasons as to why House to Home is such a great boutique is their numerous service offerings online. House to Home has market consulting, interior design, and interior decorating consultation services available with the click of a button. From building your marketing plan from scratch to designing a completely new property, House to Home is more than ready to offer their services to you. What are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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House to Home is a home décor store, craft-fully stocked with items to help turn your space into a true reflection of you and yours. We carry décor ranging in styles from modern, to urban foundry and farmhouse.

House to Home – Making your space truly yours!

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