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When you first enter into House to Home in John Day, OR, you'll quickly come to realize that you are in a special place. House to Home is a boutique home decor shop that focuses on high-quality products, affordable prices, and premier customer service. Nestled in John Day's downtown district, it is impossible to not feel like you've found your new shopping home. With that being said, House to Home also offers extensive online services to customers throughout the country. Let's take a deep dive into their catalog, their services, and their home decor products that have everyone going wild.


Whether you are changing your home decor for the holidays or trying to make a long-term change, you are going to need great home decor products. While there are countless decor stores littered throughout the country, few of them have a focus on upscale products like House to Home does. If you find your way to the house decoration section of their catalog, you'll quickly see what we are talking about. From their luxurious Aspen Grey Throws to their Fall Sample Box, it is impossible to get over the range of products available for purchase. What makes their selection even greater is the fact that free shipping is available to all US orders over $50! If you order before 1 PM PST, you can even get same-day shipping on your products. What kind of home decor stores offer that level of customer service?


While the products inside of the House to Home catalog may steal your attention, House to Home also offers expansive interior design and decoration services. If you are at a loss as to where to go with your decorating, you can book an online consultation directly through their website. House to Home employs interior decorating professionals who can help you rearrange, redecorate, and otherwise reinvent your existing space. House to Home offers extensive interior decorating services which include paint color selection, staging, room set-ups, and Feng Shui. Interior decorating sessions start in hour increments, so make sure to explore your specific needs before booking a consultation.

No matter what your goals are for decorating your home, you'll enjoy the luxurious products and professional touch that House to Home offers with all of their services. As an upscale boutique decor shop, House to Home treats you like a member of their family rather than an addition to some vague customer database. If you are ready to turn your back on big box stores that offer low-quality junk, House to Home is ready to help you out. Simply navigate their website in order to get an idea as to what you are looking for. Book an interior design consultation to figure out how to implement your new products!

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House to Home is a home décor store, craft-fully stocked with items to help turn your space into a true reflection of you and yours. We carry décor ranging in styles from modern, to urban foundry and farmhouse.

House to Home – Making your space truly yours!

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