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As the seasons begin to turn, homeowners everywhere are beginning to pay attention to how their property looks. Designing my home for the changing of the season can be a ton of fun, but without the benefit of home decor near me, it can be hard to get the job done. For that reason, I turn to House to Home in John Day, OR, for all of my home decor needs.


House to Home is a modern home decor shop that offers a variety of amazing products at affordable price points. Established in 2017, House to Home has already become the best place for home decor near me. Whether I am shopping online or walking through the front doors of their brick-and-mortar location, I know that I will find my way to something great.


The primary reason that everyone should turn to House to Home is their large inventory of products. When you land on the House to Home catalog page, you'll find yourself staring down at plenty of sub-categories that are all brimming with wonderful products. House to Home offers a variety of different styles in every primary category from the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom and living room. What's more, House to Home also carries seasonal home decor products, too!


If you are like me, you take a long time before making a purchase. Thankfully, when it comes to modern home decor, I didn't need to look for long. House to Home has plenty of great deals as well as same-day shipping for all orders that are placed by 1 PM PST. If you are looking to change the way your home looks for the season or the rest of the year, make sure to take advantage of the numerous offers that they have available for customers.

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House to Home is a home décor store, craft-fully stocked with items to help turn your space into a true reflection of you and yours. We carry décor ranging in styles from modern, to urban foundry and farmhouse.

House to Home – Making your space truly yours!

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