10 Ways to Refresh Your House for Spring

1. Use Paint! A change of wall color or even trim color can be a cost-effective way to add new life to a room.

2. Re-arrange your furniture! By simply moving a couple of pieces around you can create a new space or give yourself a new view.

3. Change out your photos. Pull out some old family photos for a fun trip down memory lane and a change of scenery. Or take some time to get new photos.

4. Pillows! Change out your throw pillows either by adding new or getting new covers for the existing pillows.

5. Add some bold colors to the room. Use things like throw blankets, picture frames, accent objects (like coasters) to breath a little life back into a space.

6. Clean, clean, clean…start your spring cleaning. It’s amazing how taking the daily grime off walls can be a new look.

7. Pick a room! When on a tight budget, pick one room that you spend time in to re-do. There is nothing like walking into a fresh space.

8. Don’t forget the kitchen. It’s the most used room in the house and often gets the least amount of love. Take some time to clean out or re-arrange your cupboards. Sounds simple but opening a clean organized cupboard might inspire some new recipes.

9. Try new linens! April/May is traditionally when stores have their white sale. It’s a great time to get new styles and colors to refresh your bedroom or guest rooms!

10. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Spring is a great time to start anew, and that goes for your home style as well.

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