5 Best Practices to Painting in Your Home with Semi-gloss or High-gloss Paint!

1. Why is semi-gloss better then high-gloss? The semi-gloss is just as easy to clean but will hide imperfections on painted surfaces more than high-gloss.

2. Painting trim or doors? it’s best to use high-gloss or semi-gloss, it’ s the most durable for high traffic areas.

3. Semi-gloss and high-gloss is the best paint to use in a kitchen or bathroom. It’s clean-ability and non-porous surface keeps moisture and grease at bay.

4. Glossy paint sticks to clean surfaces, so be sure to clean your walls first. Warm water with distilled white vinegar works best.

5. When painting over semi-gloss it’s best to prime it first so the new paint bonds to the primer, as new paint doesn’t bond with semi-glossy or high-gloss paint.

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