5 Tips to Picking the Right Paint Type for Your Home!

With the different types of paint how do you know which type is best for your home painting project? Follow these tips to match the right paint type to the right project.

1. Use semi-gloss in a kitchen. The gloss keeps things like grease from sticking to the wall, while making the wall easy to wipe down when cleaning.

2. Semi-gloss is great for bathrooms as well. With the gloss in the paint it keeps the steam from soaking into the walls, helping to prevent mildew.

3. In a living room or family room flat, satin or eggshell are the best options. These paint colors make it easy to change the color anytime with minimal work, as new paint bonds easily to these types. The clean-ability of these types of paint are easy as well. The lack of gloss also allows the light to be absorbed giving the room a soft romantic feel.

4. For a bedroom reach for satin or eggshell. These types of paint play well with lots of activities, because they bond to the walls you can bump, hit or rub the wall worry free.

5. What about a laundry room or utility room? Reach for that semi-gloss again! Semi-gloss is great for rooms with a lot of moisture, because they are non-porous it seals the wall beneath.

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