Feng Shui Series: Living Room - On Seating, Shapes and Spatial Relations

The living room is often one of the most spacious rooms in your home, but it can also be the most difficult to arrange and decorate. When it come to arranging and decorating a living room more often than not the space dictates where items should go. The problem most people don’t “listen’ to the space.

7 Questions & Answers On How To “Listen” To Your Living Room…

1. Where should I put the sofa?

Against a solid wall, this helps with grounding the room—ideally, the wall farthest from the entry—with a clear view of the door. Leave a few inches of breathing room between the sofa and the wall.

2. If I don’t have a wall to put the sofa against, can I make a floating sofa work? Yes, by creating a “wall”. For example, put a console behind it topped with tall sturdy lamps. This helps make the space feel more secure. Bonus add a mirror opposite the sofa, so you can see behind you. That makes you feel protected.

3. What’s the biggest Feng Shui mistake commonly made in living rooms?

An awkward seating plan that's not conducive to conversation, like if the couch is 10 feet from the nearest chair or all the seating is pushed up against different walls.

4. How close should seating be?

There's no easy formula, but you want an intimate arrangement that invites people in. Furniture should be close but not jammed together. And to make the space more welcoming, provide each seat with a surface on which to rest a drink or a book.

5. What about flow?

In general, you want the furniture to go with the walls not against them. Also, you shouldn't hit any furniture as you go across the space. For example, it's not great to walk into the back of a sofa as you enter the room. And walkways into other rooms clear.

6. How to coffee tables fit into the mix?

There are two things to consider. One, what is the shape of your living room, match the shape of your coffee table with the shape of the room for a harmonious space. Second consider that a square or rectangular table may not feel as good as a circular or oval one, which lets energy move around more easily. You don't want harsh angles pointing at people.

7. Does that make circles good? For a coffee table, yes. But, overall, a mix of shapes is important. Squares represent earth; rectangles, wood; triangles, fire. Round and oval items represent metal. Your living room will feel most balanced if it includes all of them.

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