Feng Shui Series: Making the most of small spaces - Part 2

Putting it together in small spaces: 8 tips to organize a small space Feng Shui style!

1. Think up, not out.

  • When it comes to decorating a space thing tall narrow pieces and not wide short pieces. This will make the space appear larger and less cluttered.

2. Hang your draperies as high as you can.

  • Here's a little designer secret: The hands-down easiest way to make ceilings look higher is to place a drapery rod really close to the ceiling—roughly 2 inches below the crown molding will do the trick. While you're at it, be sure to extend the rod at least 4 inches on either side of the window so that the window appears wider—and allows in more light.

3. Invest in smart furniture.

  • Make your furniture do double the work! Opt. for pieces that are a two for one, such as a hide-a-bed or ottoman that doubles as storage.

4. Double your space with mirrors.

  • While it sounds like a vanity project, surrounding yourself with mirrors creates the illusion of more room. (Tip: A mirrored back-splash in a small kitchen will also work visual wonders.)

5. Find a foolproof neutral paint.

  • You can do a bold color in a small space (a dark brown library can be so cozy!), but a predominantly neutral palette generally makes the flow of a house feel less choppy.

6. Let there be (wall-mounted) light!

  • Table lamps call for a table, so try a sconce instead.

7. Make your walls work overtime.

  • Adding shelving to walls can create a beautiful statement and convenient storage space.

8. Use every inch of storage space.

  • Maximize efficiency in a small kitchen by installing a wall-mounted shelf to keep baking supplies off the counter but within easy reach. Double the shelf's utility by adding hooks to hang towels, pot holders, and tools.

  • Inside cabinet doors, pin up items to be kept out of sight, such as rubber gloves, sponges, and plastic bags. Using hot glue, affix magnets to the back of plain clothespins, then glue the opposing magnets directly to the door.

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