I have forgotten how to wash dishes…

So, I have forgotten how to wash dishes, okay not really but it’s been so long since I have washed dishes that it feels like I forgot how. No that does not mean that I have piles of dished stacked up on my counter 😉, it means that I don’t live alone and therefore do not have to wash dishes all the time. Side note, I load and unload the dishwasher on occasion. I think really what it boils down to is that I realized I should be wearing gloves when I wash the dishes and the simple act of putting on rubber gloves causes me to not want to wash the dishes. Does anyone else have this same dilemma?

Today, however I put on the gloves and washed the dishes. While doing so I was so thankful I had my Lemon Poppy silicone sponge.

This little guy is a life saver! I don’t know about you but wearing gloves while washing dishes makes it hard to wash them. I can’t feel if they’re clean or not and I can’t always see the stuck-on bits of food on a non-stick pan…which is a whole other blog, non-stick, that would be nice. Anyway, my silicone sponge does all the work for me, plus it’s dishwasher safe! The little spikes on the sponge are safe on non-stick surfaces but still pack a punch when cleaning. Users beware, if you are the kind of person who likes to wash a dish out of the water, you will hear a high-pitched squeak from the sponge cleaning the surface. To avoid this, just do your scrubbing under the water.

The sponge is flexible enough to get into tight places and since it’s non-porous almost bacteria free!

Fun fact: It’s also great for cleaning potatoes, and I’m sure other things, I just eat a lot of potatoes 🥔!

Want to learn more about the silicone sponge click here: https://www.housetohomejd.com/product-page/silicone-sponge

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