Feng Shui Series: Living Room - On Windows, Color and Clutter

A current trend is bringing the outside in, but how does that apply to Feng Shui? This blog is all about how the two tie them together with…

8 Questions & Answers On Window Coverings and Clutter!

1. Do you have to cover living-room windows?

The choice is yours. Some people love looking outside while others feel invaded. However, if you have a large window opposite the front door, the energy can fly right out the window, so it's good to address that. To do this use drapes or blinds. Or put something in front of the window, like a plant or a decorative reflective bowl, to bounce energy back into the room.

2. What if you like uncovered windows but the view is of a brick wall or your neighbor's rusty pickup? In this case use sheers drapes to soften the view and divert attention. If the view is really an unpleasant sight line, you could hang a something reflective in the window to redirect the energy. Or you could put stain glass up in the window to add color and hide the view. 3. So, a TV in the living room yes or no? In feng shui, there are private (yin) spaces, like bedrooms, and public (yang) spaces, like living rooms. A TV in a public space is okay. A television often becomes the focal point, which is fine if that's what you want. But if the intention of the room is, to gather the family, then keep the TV in something closed or in a less-than-central spot on the wall, so it doesn't dominate. For a family space, it's also nice to have a soft ottoman in place of a coffee table, so the kids can be in the center of the action. 4. What else is there to consider when using feng shui in a living room? Lighting dark corners. Lighting activates energy, so have enough light sources so that each area of the living room is well lit when in use.

5. What should we know about color? Rich, saturated colors are great in public spaces; red is particularly invigorating. Deep blue and eggplant are also energizing. The warmer the color the more energy it pulls into the space. Also, warm color react with other colors around them and can change creating a really harmonious space.

6. What about the little details? Just surround yourself with beauty and items with meaning.

7. Doesn't that create clutter? Clutter is often in the eye of the beholder. But, just pare down to the things you truly love. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in two years get rid of it. Also consider giving something up before you bring in something new. 8. What's one instant living-room trick? Move a favorite item to a prominent spot. When you walk into the room and see something that brings you joy, you, in turn, will send joy back into the space.

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