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Have you ever found yourself only doing certain things at certain times of the year? Like for me, I’ll only eat potato salad in the summer time. See I told you I eat a lot of potatoes 😉. BBQ now that’s different! Here in Eastern Oregon we BBQ year-round! But I digress. Up until I opened House to Home, I would only burn candles in the fall and winter. I always had candles out as part of my décor and would buy them year-round, but I couldn’t bring myself to burn them. That all changed when I discovered WoodWick candles!

If you’ve never heard of WoodWick well you are missing out my friend. Just like the name says they have a wooden wick. (Disclaimer don’t be fooled by imposters, WoodWick is the original). This wick causes the candle to crackle, no really, I mean it! As they burn, they sound like little mini fireplaces. The bigger the candle the bigger the sound. I almost always have one burning in my shop. One to prove to people that it works but also for myself…I know gasp! The sound is so soothing and the aroma is amazing. Oh, sorry I should probably mention they are scented, but before you go off on scented candles, these are different. I suffer from allergies, okay I guess you could say I’m allergic to the world. These candles however don’t give my allergies any problems. Now I am selective on which scents I burn, Island Coconut being my favorite. It’s such a light scent and a mini candle fills about a nine-hundred square foot room nicely.

These candles can change the atmosphere in a room like nothing I’ve seen. And it’s because of this that I started burning them year-round. Island Coconut in the Spring/Summer months, Pumpkin Butter in the Fall and of course the best Winter/Christmas scent I have ever smelled Fraser Fir! The wax is a soy-based wax and they turn to liquid when burning. Which is great for burning in homes with children or large dogs with weapon like tails (Bella). I sear when she is mad at me I think she knocks stuff over on purpose.

Comment below with your favorite candle scent or if you have WoodWick candles in your home! Check out this link is you want to shop WoodWick candles: https://www.housetohomejd.com/candles

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