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I thoroughly enjoy the ability to test and use the products that I sell in the store. And today I finally got to test the Shower Steamers I brought in months ago. I originally ordered extra so I could test them out but sold out of them in a week 😊. Finally, I got the opportunity… you know lack of sales, building closed, and working from home ☹. Anyway, I’m a seasonal allergy sufferer (all four seasons of course), and despite the snow on the ground in Eastern Oregon I’ve been told it’s Spring! So, I thought to myself what a great time to use the Sinus Relief Shower Steamers. Plus, with a nasal virus going around these are perfect right? I made sure not to take any allergy meds to be able to really test the product out.

The instructions say to use one to two tablets. I used one and tend to take really hot showers especially when it’s cold outside, 28 degrees cold! ☃ Just to see how strong they are, and wow! I could smell the eucalyptus essential oil right away. I will say that the scent is a little medicinal, but I really enjoyed it. I had assumed that it would cause my nose to run and I would spend the shower sniffing 👃. This was not the case! The steam cleared my nose and I was able to breath easily for the first time in days!

So, here’s the bottom line…These work like really work! If you want a really strong steam, I would use two however one works really well. Breath through your nose, because if you breath through your mouth you will get a powdery taste, in your mouth. After my shower I was breathing clearly for about 15-ish minutes. But these aren’t a medicine, nor do they claim to be. I will definitely be adding these to my shower routine regularly! I very much recommend the shower steamers and they do come in a verity of scents:

Which scent are you excited to try?

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