Speaking of the unspeakable…

Every house has at least one of these, and we all use it daily…at least I hope you do. That’s right your bathroom, the room no one like to talk about ☹. Decorating a bathroom can be a challenge and keeping one clean and dry an even bigger challenge. But today I don’t want to talk about your whole bathroom, just your towels or I should say my towels! Have you ever had that amazing shower where the water is almost hot enough to burn you and you give yourself every at home spa treatment there is? Not to mention you shave your legs!!! Often for the first time in weeks, okay that part might just be me. Then you step out of the shower grab your towel and it’s rough, covered in those little balls, you know the ones, the ones that come from regular washing of the towel. That shower is gone now and left in its place is utter disappointment over your towel. I might be a touch dramatic, fair warning!

That was me for a long long time, I like to buy cheep towels, you can tell this because all the towels I owned had bleach spots from washing my hair two days after I got my hair done. Well, not anymore! I have discovered the best towels and bonus they are not that expensive! And no I’m not just saying that because I sell them 😉. They are supima cotton. Fun fact that means they are 100% American grown cotton. The best part they are so soft and incredibly absorbent. Bonus they even wash well…no little bumps after multiple washes.

What I think has really made this towel the bee knees for me, is that after that amazing shower I described earlier, that great feeling continues as I wrap up in my oversized American grown cotton towel that makes me feel like I’m really at a spa and not at home in my tiny (and I do mean tiny) bathroom. It’s really the little things that can take a normal moment in life and make it a treat-yourself moment.

What are those moments for you?

Special note these towels are only available in the store not online, sorry.

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