The significance of a sign flip… Part 1

Hello all, it’s been a hot minute since I have written a blog post and I apologize for that! So, where have I been…well I’ll tell you. This summer was the hardest summer I’ve been through in a long time. I purchased a new storefront and have been doing nothing but renovating, oh so it feels. On top of that over all sales have been down, and I mean really down. Combine those two things and you have the perfect storm and a failing business. Which really makes you stop and think about your life’s choices…

Because sometimes you just need to pull the covers over your head!

Now, I love my store and my job, after all it’s a lifelong dream of mine to own my own business and help people in the process. And even though some of you might not think helping to turn a house into home in really helping people. However, I would challenge you to look at the faces of a family when they walk into a house newly decorated for the first time and realize they are home!

All this brings me to the significance of a sign flip. Here’s want I mean, have any of you seen “You’ve Got Mail”? The first time I ever watched the movie I wanted a store like the main character’s, a cute boutique that created its own community. And every time in the movie when she opened, I would think I want that so bad. Then came the scene where she had to close and the moment, she flipped the open sign to closed for the last time. It made my heart twinge. Flash forward to a little over three years ago when I opened my store and flipped that closed sign to open for the first time. How I hoped I would never have to feel the loss of closing for good. I thought about that movie scene as I have done on every sign flip since.

My open sign

Then came this summer and a decision I had to make… to stay open or close my doors. I took it one day at a time, I stop ordering product, and I launched every possible marketing plan I could think of. Never forgetting that scene from “You’ve Got Mail”.

I reached out to friends and family for prayer and cried a lot, like a lot! Slowly things started to get better and that’s were we are today. Starting to get better…

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