Sometimes an ice cube just needs to be HUGE, and that's where this giant ice cube form comes in.  But, consider the versatility of this little gadget.  Freeze leftover pasta sauce into individual size servings that can be popped out and stored in another container in the freezer until you need one.  How about doing the same thing with those fresh herbs from your garden to last through the winter?  Simply stuff the form with fresh herbs and then fill with water and freeze.  It's easy to add a cube of herbs/ice to your sauce and heat through.  Create your own flavored butter and pour it into the ice cube form to harden in the fridge.  Tasty!  Imported.


Lime green FDA  food grade silicone.  Each compartment holds 1/2 cup.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.  Not intended for use with boiling liquids.

Ice Cube Tray


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